Progressive Arts Alliance is committed to helping classroom teachers receive the best possible professional development available to learn more about the contemporary arts in which their students are most interested.

The purpose of PAA's professional development programs for educators is to broaden the arts education field by demonstrating how various forms of popular culture can be used as effective educational tools and as a result, inspire educators to think more critically and progressively about teaching methodlogies that integrate the contemporary arts into various academic content areas.

Designed for K-12 teachers, PAA's professional development programs for educators focus on standards-based arts education methodologies as well as the integration of standards-based arts instruction with other academic disciplines. During each workshop, teachers will receive hands-on instruction in one of the arts disciplines PAA focuses on and will then be led through sample lessons for use in the classroom. Integrating the contemporary arts into the classroom strengthens learning and promotes curiosity among today's students while allowing them to exercise important critical thinking skills.

Progressive Arts Alliance professional development programs visit in-service days in area schools as well as host sites throughout the region and nation.

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